Most parents have never been taught how to be one. That can change today.


What is the Skill of Fatherhood Masterclass?


Ready to get on the same page?



Many parents today are left shooting from the hip on this parenting thing. What if there is a better way? What if there was a very practical and tactical system? 

Because here's the truth--we have systems at work. At school. At the office. But why do we not have thriving systems at home? 

The Skill of Fatherhood Masterclass is an entire 3-part system that will take you from A to Z and give you tactical, practical, and immediately actionable ways to level up your parenting.

This masterclass is geared towards fathers (and mothers or wives too!) of all ages but we actually find most people purchase it to go through it as a couple. The masterclass concentrates explicitly on the three skills of building your family team: training your children, being the family coach, and living multi- generationally.

Watch and work through the videos from anywhere you have an internet connection, on a computer, ipad, or on your phone and feel like you are hanging out with Jeff and Jeremy in your living room as they help you rethink your entire vision of what it means to be a dad in over 25 detailed videos.

Have you felt that nudge in your family that something isn’t right? Or that you wanted or sensed there was more but wasn’t sure what or how? Us too, and that’s why we created this masterclass. To systematically walk you through God’s big and great design for family teams on mission, and how that starts with a father catching the vision as the leader of his home. Start today and investment in your family forever!

We've never done a deal like this before...

But there's also never been a moment like this before for our families. And so that's why we are giving away 2 courses for the price of 1. Anyone who gets the Skill of Fatherhood Masterclass today we will also throw in our $79 dollar course the 7 Day Family. This bonus course unpacks how to live in a 7 day rhythm as a family, including how to optimize your week, how to get to the end of the week refreshed and filled up, how to conduct family meetings, organize and structure every day, and more. 


Pricing Options

Skill of Fatherhood Masterclass + Get 7 Day Family Course FREE


Get our 7 Day Family Course (normally $79) completely FREE as a bonus.


Skill of Fatherhood Masterclass + Family Plan Calendar FREE


Get our popular Family Plan Calendar (normally $40) free as a bonus.display this


A 34 page highly actionable digital workbook is included!

Every purchase of the masterclass also includes an accompanying 34 page, highly actionable and detailed workbook and manual to go alongside the videos. In it you'll find sections for:

  • creating a training board.
  • the three training tools every parent needs (but almost none have!).
  • An entire master list of corrections, rewards, and disciplines that actually work and capture your child's heart.
  • How to find your family's mission.
  • How to create a culture of high belonging and high challenge simultaneously.
  • Easy steps to set a culture of family storytelling.
  • How to plan a family summit.
  • and so much more!

See what others are saying...

"Skill of Fatherhood is so good! This is exactly what I needed. I love how Jeff and Jeremy show what a biblical father and leader of the family looks like. This really caused me to examine how I define family and my role as a father. After going through the course I’m more excited to seek God for vision, take time to think and plan and dream about the health, culture and future of my family than ever before. Not only did I find inspiration and the right frame of mind to take on my role as the “team coach”, but I got a ton of really helpful tools to make it happen. Thank you so much, Jeremy and Jeff!!"

Joey Markoya
Kihei, HI

"The Skill Of Fatherhood Masterclass is a must have! Each module helped me find practical ways to address common concerns, overcome adversity and thrive as a team. Where many online courses come across as dry and generic, the Skill Of Fatherhood Masterclass kept me engaged and curious! Jeff and Jeremy have a unique ability to be both subject matter experts, and showcase vulnerability through their own parentings wins and losses. This allowed me to buy into their teachings knowing that they approach this class with a genuine heart for dads like me. Since taking these courses I’ve shifted the way I parent to a long view, multi generational approach that’s given me joy understanding that I am currently building something of true meaning and purpose in my family. I can honestly say this course has helped me tap into the dad I’ve always envisioned I would be just didn't have the vision or tools for. I can’t recommend this course enough for any father looking to lead their family in a way that pleases God and enriches their family for generations to come!"

Ryan Rucker
San Francisco, CA

Most courses only overwhelm you. So we made one that wouldn't.

One of the big reasons we made the Skill of Fatherhood Masterclass is because we couldn't find anything out there like it. And that's when we began to dream. Where if there was a masterclass that walked parents through step by step systems with very specific goals--making them thrive as a team, learning the art of coaching, and how to capture your family's heart with the grand story of living multi-generationally. And so we made it. And we made it as systematic as possible with a corresponding 



Most sports teams and business owners have all sorts of tools in place to plan, execute, grow, and stay organized as a business or team! But most of us come home and instantly life felt scattered and overwhelming again. But isn't family MORE important not less? Why wasn’t there systems to help keep our family intentional, organized and simple? The truth is, there are and that's why we created the Skill of Fatherhood Masterclass!


Get the Family Plan Calendar or 7 Day Family Course FREE

It's simple--our mission is to equip and encourage families. And we believe in doing that so much that we want to give every single person who orders the Skill of Fatherhood Masterclass either a free Family Plan calendar or free 7 Day Family Course. We can think of no better bonuses than the calendar and the course, since the Family Plan Calendar is the WHAT and the 7 Day Family Course is the WHY and HOW that can give you a full picture to flourish.

What is the 7 Day Family Course?

One of the most powerful tools in history for the flourishing of a family, is one that is hidden in plainsight and relatively untapped. That is, the 7 day week. 


Humans were designed by God to live in a series of seven day cycles. But for the most part we ignore the beauty of this design. And that's why most families feel stuck, burned out, and exhausted.

In this course we unpack and equip you to:

  • Understand how to bring balance in repeating activities.
  • How to conduct family meetings and get on the same page.
  • How to establish a day of rest (even through tough seasons with small kids).
  • How to sync up your rhythms together as a family team.
  • How to avoid burnout and being sucked into everyone else's obligations imposed on you.
  • How to live rhythmically specifically as a mom, with a dedicated section giving our best 10 tips to avoid mom burnout.

The Pryors have been living in a 7 day week for 17 years and the Bethkes have been doing so for the last few years. Hear from both of us in the course as we touch on all seasons and address the most pressing needs.




Made for the home

So many of us spent tons of money on things to help our business, and our personal growth, but we rarely invest in our home and family! The Skill of Fatherhood Masterclass is the best way to start changing that today.

Save time & hassle!

Over dozens of hours of teaching modules, as well as a 34 hour page workbook, to find tools and resources all in one place to immediately help your team begin to flourish!

A 34 page digital workbook

With your masterclass you also get a highly detailed and specific 34 page PDF layered with exercises, prompts, and specific action items that will encourage, equip, and help you on your journey through the course!

Looking for something more hands on and all-in? Consider the Integrated Mastermind.

Integrated is a yearly mastermind group of 15-20 guys where we meet up twice a year and stay in a house together as we spend 2 days to challenge and sharpen each other as we share secrets and tips on how to integrate and flourish in business, faith, and family. It's a powerful brotherhood of like-minded kings linking arms to show we are not in this alone. We only approve about 3-5 new members every year though so apply now at the button below if interested.


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